Thank you for showing your interest in enrolling your child. Let us take through the steps involved in successfully enrolling your children.

  1. Please call us at +61 3 9017 7895 or email us at info@discoverycove.com.au to book at tour.
  2. We will book you at the earliest availability. The tour will take at least 20 – 30 mins, so please come prepared.
  3. Tour will be given by our centre manager or education leader, where you will have an opportunity to discuss more in detail about day to day activities.
  4. After the tour, you will be given a parent handbook with enrolment application form.
  5. Even when you are deciding, we highly suggest you put your name in the waitlist.
  6. Once we have the application, we will call you and discuss the potential start date and days available, schedule an orientation and timing. Orientation is free.
  7. We encourage 3 orientations, 1st one is for 30 mins, second one is for 1 hour and second one is for 2 hours before child come for a whole day session. Parents will meet with Room leader where you can discuss in detail about child’s interest, day routine and anything which is necessary for educator to know for smooth transition.
  8. We advise parents to increase children’s hours gradually so that it is not overwhelming for child/ren.


What is CCS?

The childcare subsidy is a financial assistance to cover the cost of childcare.  How much you receive depends on a number of factors, including your family’s income, the age of your child, and the paid and unpaid activities, like your job or volunteer work, your family is involved in.

Extra support is available for some families, such as grandparents and great grandparents, and families experiencing temporary financial hardship.

The CSS is paid directly to providers to reduce the fees you pay.

To make CCS claims and view the status of claims, families should go to my.gov.au and sign in to access their Centrelink online account. If they do not have a myGov account, they can create one and link it to their Centrelink account.

How much can I claim?

Your CCS is calculated using three components:

  • Your combined family income
  • Your level of activity, such as work, education, or volunteering
  • Your childcare provider’s hourly rate

Please visit the following website for more information




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