Ans: – 6.30 am – 6 pm

Ans ­:  A late collection fee will be charged at $15 for the first 5 minutes and then $10 every 10 minutes after that.

Ans: – Parents stay with their children during orientation time to get better understanding of the educators and the room.

Ans: –

Ans: -Change of days depends on the availability in each room. If we know of any possibility coming in future, we keep the name in waitlist and contact the families

Ans: – We provided hot, fresh, and nutritious food to children. Nappies are provided too

Ans: – Infants 1:4 and toddlers 1:11

Ans: – All our educators are min certified III in childcare

Ans: – We have 1 room for 1-2 years, 2 rooms for 2-3 years old and 3 rooms for 3-6 yrs.

Ans: -Contact the child’s parents/guardians or, if they are unavailable, the emergency contact person to be contacted. Inform the Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact of the child’s condition, or suspected condition, and ask that the child be picked up from the service as soon as possible

Ans:-Meet each child’s individual needs for sleep. Individual sleeping bed for each child, sheets is provided as well. Cleaned with organic disinfectant after every use. Children are allowed to rest whenever they want in quiet and calm area. Parents need to fill medication for if medication needs to be administered to children, sometimes we be doctor’s prescription for some medicines. Children are only allowed to play outside if UV is less than 9 and applied sunscreen and hats.

Ans: -Talking respectfully with children and having conversations where children’s ideas and thoughts are genuinely sought and valued, is the key to engaging children in decision-making processes.

Ans: -As we are newly opened centre, we will be going to regular checks for quality ratings

Ans: – Parents are welcome to drop and pick up their children from inside the class

Ans: – Yes, we provide kindergarten program in our 3 classes

Ans: – We can offer the day if there is any cancellation, or a child is absent.

Ans: – We have gone through regular National Quality Laws and Family assistance law check and assessments and ratings.

Ans: – Educators get regular professional development trainings to keep the abreast with current knowledge. We do 6 monthly appraisals where we ask educators where they feel they need support from Management, and we support them. They are provided with First aid and CPR trainings as well.

Ans: – We follow the curriculum under the guidelines of EYLF (early years learning framework). The experiences and activities planned on the curriculum plan are follow up, extension ideas, based on children’s interest, family input, intentional teaching etc. and are sourced from a variety of documents such as the daily dairy, observations, learning stories and more.

Ans: – We focus on All round development of our Children. Children learn best through exploring new concepts hands-on. Montessori education encourage students to touch, feel, and do as they learn new ideas. Children have an innate passion for learning, and the Montessori classroom encourages this by giving them opportunities to engage in spontaneous, purposeful activities with the guidance of a trained adult.

Ans: -Families get notified every month with all the activities happening in centre through Newsletter. We also create partnerships with families by: • involving families in decision-making • inviting families to participate in events at the service • building a sense of community by helping families feel comfortable talking with staff and educators • increasing family–educator collaboration in planning of quality outcomes for children.

Ans: -Under the dept of education rule, we provide with School readiness program under our kindergarten program.

Ans: -We maintain “Daily Charts” where we record their food serves, sleeping times, nappy charts, and sunscreen details. Parents are more than welcome to talk to educators while picking and dropping their children, but we don’t encourage as we would educators to maintain the supervision.

Ans: – We provide children with nutritious and freshly cooked hot food.

Ans: -Menus will be displayed on the notice board in the foyer

Ans: – We will have monthly Newsletters. We will also have an online app like tapestry or storypark where we update individual children learning stories, group stories and other enrichment programs details.

Ans: – Five easy steps to apply for the Child Care Subsidy

  1. Sign into your MyGov Account and go to Centrelink.
  2. From the menu select ‘Payment and Claims’, ‘Claims’ and then ‘Make a claim’.
  3. Under ‘Families’ select ‘get started’.
  4. Answer all the questions.
  5. Press submit.

Ans The amount of Child Care Subsidy you can get depends on your circumstances.

Use our Payment and Service Finder to estimate how much Child Care Subsidy (CCS) you may get.

To work out how much CCS you’re eligible for we’ll look at all the following:

  1. your family’s income
  2. the hourly rate cap based on the type of approved childcare you use and your child’s age
  3. the hours of activity you and your partner do.

The amount of subsidised childcare you can access per fortnight applies to each child.

Ans: -Yes, we will be following and educating children of sustainable practices.

Ans: The registration process usually takes between one to two hours. There are many forms required for the registration of your child(ren). We like to answer as many questions as possible during your enrolment and provide information on our safety procedures and other important items which are applicable at the time of registration. Or orientation.

Ans: Yes, your child can bring his/her favourite blanket to school, however their favourite toy should be left at home to prevent damage or loss of the item. We offer special events where children can share items with their classmates.

During your registration process, we do an interview with parent to learn the techniques you use at home to soothe your child. Whenever possible, we use the same techniques that work for your child at home.

Ans: The registration process will require the following:  Health and Immunization form, Immunization Record for all children being enrolled, and Authorization for Emergency Medical Care. If your child requires medication, you will also need the Authorization for Dispensing Medication form.

Ans: All children have their own lockers for their items located in each of the classrooms.

Ans: We want your child to be healthy. To ensure he/she stays healthy, we require that children do not attend school until they are fever-free for 24-hours – this helps keep your child and their classmates healthy.

Ans: -We will be implementing stringent security measures to protect against unauthorized access to the classroom cameras. All our web cam systems will use encryption to protect usernames and passwords

Ans: Our priority is the safety of children in our care including monthly fire drills, various lockdown scenarios.

Ans: Yes! Educators will be always supervising your child – even during quiet or nap time. we adheres to Infant Safe Sleep guidelines and has implemented other policies for older children to have the safest possible environment while in our care.

Ans: –


Ans :-Every licensed childcare provider will receive monitoring visits to make sure they continue to meet licensing and health and safety requirements. These visits are conducted by a licensing specialist. Providers receive one announced visit and one unannounced visit each year. Additional visits may happen at any time.

Ans: – Remember to ask about the gap fee after your government rebates and eligible hours

Ans :- We would appreciate that parents express their desire to participate so what we can schedule a time and date and set an expectation for children and educators.

Ans: -1-3 yrs year rooms, its1:4 ratio and for 3-6 yrs room, its 1:11 ratio

Ans: –

Ans: – If your child has allergies, make sure to ask how they will manage them

Ans: – Every employee or contractor who works in childcare needs to get a Police check and working with children check.

Ans: – Yes, all educators need to have an updated First aid and CPR certificates. They are not allowed to work otherwise unless they update the certificate.

Ans: – All the educators follow strict Infant safe sleep guidelines under National quality Standards.

Ans: – You need to fill put at least two emergency contacts ( the ones who think you would be often asking for pick up ) which will be allowed to pick the children or parents need to inform office if anyone else is coming to pick children up and the concerned person needs to carry an identification document for us to check and keep a copy of for future reference.

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