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Our Programs

Infant Program, Age group 1 yr -2 yrs

The Montessori environment prepared for infants referred as “The Nido” (“the Italian for nest”). The infant room is designed carefully around the children. We create peaceful, supportive, and safe environment for the children’s passion, curiosity, and independence to grow. As Safety is the most important to us, the environment includes developmentally appropriate furniture and materials.

Toddler program (2 -3 yrs.)

After they begin to walk, children join the toddler group where their primary motor coordination, independence and language are cultivated. Rather than a classroom, it is a nurturing community where very young children experience their first structured contact with other children

Preschool program (3 – 6 yrs)

The 3 to 6 year old child is undergoing a process of self-construction. The pre-school environment serves this drive abundantly, bringing the world to the child. Globes, maps, songs, landforms, collections of pictures of life in different cultures, and much more, is offered, with the aim of helping the child to grow as an individual appreciating the larger context of his or her world. The resources and activities in the Three to Six Years environment are organised into four main areas:

  • the exercises of practical life
  • the exercises of the senses
  • language
  • mathematics

Kindergarten program

At Discovery Cove, in our kindergarten program, we also prepare children for School readiness. Even though the room set up is same with state of art material and purposed built activities, our educators carefully plan and put together a program based on individual child’s development so that they can confidently move to any school setting. Our program includes foundational knowledge amd skills for smooth transition.

Language Program – ELLA – Early Learning Languages Australia

ELLA is a digital, play-based language learning program for preschool children. This Australian Government initiative inspires children by driving a genuine interest in a new language and culture. It opens a world of cultural possibilities for children early in life.

Benefits of ELLA

  • A new language

ELLA is a proven method of language discovery for pre-schoolers. It can also keep them interested in learning a language at school.

  • Cultural competency

Children learn to respect diversity as they learn about new cultures. ELLA encourages families to share home languages too.

  • Cognitive and social skills

ELLA develops children’s social, thinking and digital skills. It supports their literacy and can even improve memory and concentration.

  • Confident educators

Educators learn alongside children. Educators who have used ELLA report that they are more confident about incorporating languages and technology into their program.

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